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Sultan Abdulhamid Khan (1842-1918) was the last of the chain of Osmania Sultanate which ruled most part of the known world for more than 250 years. He presided over the dynasty for 33 years (1876-1909) and had the misfortune of seeing the greatest empire being destroyed by its Jewish minority. During his reign, the Caliphate was the target of many plots and conspiracies from abroad. At home were the Young Turks of the ‘Union and Progress’, Ittehad ve Taraqqi Jamiyyati, a group many of whom were from ‘Donmeh (Crypto-Jewish) belt of Salonika where they had settled after their expulsion from Spain by the Crusaders. It was from here that Mustafa Kemal emerged who as ‘Ataturk’ – led the ‘revolution’ against Osmania Sultanate and changed the course of Turkish history – from Islamic to Judeo-Christian western.

Earlier during his reign, a ‘Donmeh’ notable from Salonika – Sabahettin Karasu had asked the Sultan to let the Jews establish a homeland in Palestine; in return, he said, the world Jewry would take care of his enormous foreign debts. The Sultan did not take a second to reject the otherwise ‘attractive’ offer. Ironically, it was this Karasu – Who conveyed Kemal Pasha’s message to the Sultan that military has dismissed him.

The Young Turks seemed to have been taken up by the idea that by imitating the West – almost blindly – and importing wholesale western values and mandates – even if some were not compatible with genius of the people – they could make Turkey a great and modern power. Now after over 90 year of Kemalists’ imitation of the West have got Turkey’s 80 million population into $187 billion debt – highest amongst the 57 Muslim nation-states.